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  • Oversight/Administrative

    Chris G. Green, CPA
    Assistant Vice President, Sponsored Programs
    (210) 567-4938
    Valerie Hutchison, MBA
    Associate Director, Sponsored Programs
    (210) 567-1652
    Office Manager
    Pamela Cardosa-Bravo (210) 567-2337
    Talaynna Gutierrez (210) 567-3163
    Kristin Despres
    (210) 567-2340

  • Pre-Award

    Central OSP pre-award staff is generally responsible for reviewing and providing institutional approval for submission of grant applications to external funders. For general inquiries, please contact Current departmental staff assignments can be found here.

    Mari Martinez
    Manager, Pre-Award
    (210) 567-2330
    Heather Koenig (210) 567-1894
    Lucy San Roman (210) 567-3001
    Julie Farhat (210)567-3923
    Lucy Barbosa Ramirez (210) 450-8324
    Sheri Koehn (210) 450-8802

  • Post-Award

    Central OSP post-award staff is generally responsible for high-level oversight /management of awarded grants from the time of award/initial project set-up through expiration and closeout of grant projects/accounts. For general inquiries, please contact Staff are assigned according to fund group, which is determined by funder and other award details or restrictions. Current fund group staff assignments can be found here.

    Carolina A. Taboada
    Manager, Post-Award Non-Federal
    (210) 567-2341
    Laura A. (Barnum) Delaney
    Manager, Post-Award Federal
    (210) 567-2336
    Alexandra Chavez (210) 567-2308
    Brandy Grant
    (210) 567-0206
    Suzie Guerrero (210) 567-4079
    Mayra Figueroa
    (210) 450-0789
    Prescila Garcia (210) 567-2335
    Jennifer (Foley) Roe
    (210) 567-3150
    Elizabeth Gruver
    (210) 450-7233
    Jeremy Salazar
    (210) 450-3922
    Ceci Oliva (210) 567-2338
    Lori Johnson
    (210) 567-3155
    Maribel Mendoza (210)567-3159
    A. Beth Reyes
    (210) 567-8276

  • Clinical Trial and Other Sponsored Agreements

    Central OSP Agreements staff is generally responsible for the negotiation and execution of a variety of research-related agreements and other non-grant sponsored activities. For general inquiries, please contact Staff are assigned according to agreement type and departmental staff assignments; staff assignments can be found here.

    Rae Schofield
    Manager, Sponsored Program Contracts
    (210) 567-2332
    Beth Hooks
    Supervisor, Sponsored Program Contracts
    (210) 567-2333
    Mary Kirk
    (210) 450-7221
    Lisa M. Anderson
    (210) 567-3169
    Evan Kruse
    (210) 567-3142
    Nia Barcene-Ives
    (210) 450-3977
    Ashlee Forshaw
    (210) 567-3008
    Ryan Lipe
    (210) 450-8524
    Nahuytl Cobos
    (210) 450-7240

  • Research Administration Services (RAS) Center

    Research Administration Services (RAS) Center personnel are generally responsible for assisting faculty and departmental personnel with day-to-day management of grant activities, divided between pre-award and post-award functions. The RAS Center personnel named here serve the School of Dentistry, School of Nursing, School of Health Professions, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, and School of Public Health. For general inquiries, please contact Please note, the Long School of Medicine is served by a separate RAS Center reporting directly within the LSOM. RAS Center personnel are assigned by department; all staff assignments (including LSOM) can be found in the Service Provider Directory.

    Daniel Anzak
    Manager, RAS Post-Award
    (210) 450-3819
    Karla Kidd
    (210) 450-8012
    Jackie Balbino
    (210) 567-3153
    Aries Okungbowa-Ikponmwosa
    (210) 450-8009
    Frank Dominguez
    Manager, Pre-Award
    (210) 450-3915
    Cynthia Solano
    (210) 450-8011
    Kathy Lagleder
    (210) 567-3152
    Hanan Yaacoub
    (210) 567-3141

  • OSP’s ListServs

    Archived ListServ messages can be viewed at

    In order to disseminate information in a timely manner between our office and the UT Health SA campus community, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) has established two separate electronic mailing lists. They are each a traditional ListServ, whereby a message sent to the ListServ address is broadcast to the subscribers on the list.

    The first list is called “fundinginfo2”. The intent of this list is to provide information about available funding opportunities, policy updates, and other news which is primarily of interest to faculty and others seeking project support. This list is intended primarily for the faculty audience.

    The second list is called “SPAF”.  This is the email distribution list associated with OSP’s Sponsored Programs Administration Forum.  This list is intended primarily for department administrators, department administrative staff involved in sponsored programs management, and RAS personnel.  This list is used primarily to provide information on policy and procedural matters relating to sponsored programs. For example, changes in institutional policies and procedures or sponsor rules and regulation would be announced on this list.

    To subscribe to either list online, visit the institutional listserv page at and follow prompts to join either/both listserv.

    To subscribe to either list by email:

    Send an e-mail message to:


    In the message portion (not the subject line) type:

    subscribe <name of listserv> your name
    FUNDINGINFO2 Example: subscribe fundinginfo2 Jane Doe
    SPAF Example: subscribe spaf Jane Doe

    For more information on either listserv, contact OSP via email at

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