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Funding Opportunities & Sponsor Information

Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) exist in a variety of domains. In absence of a centralized, comprehensive database, The Office of Sponsored Programs has collected relevant resources on this page to assist our investigators in locating and applying for external funding.

  • Resources to Find Funding Opportunities

    • Limited Submission Funding Opportunities: A listing of known funding opportunities limiting the number of UT Health SA proposals that can be submitted.  Candidates are selected through an internal peer review process facilitated by OSP and the Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR).
    • OSP ListServs: Find more information here to subscribe to either/both of OSP’s email listservs, “fundinginfo2” geared toward researchers and “SPAF” geared toward administrative staff responsibe for management of sponsored programs.
    • SPIN and GENIUS: A large database of funding opportunities from a variety of sources. Perform one-time anonymous searches, or establish a profile for more personalized service. To maximize use, establish personal search criteria and configure profile to send automatic email notification of opportunities matching your criteria. Contact OSP for assistance establishing a profile.
    • Search for federal funding opportunities and downloadable applications. NOTE, UT Health SA uses Cayuse424 to submit federal applications via; this site should be used for searching only. Do not download and complete application packages from this source.
    • Federal Funding: A-Z Index of Federal Agencies
    • The NIH Guide: National Institutes of Health (NIH) Grants& Funding: NIH is comprised of 27 Institutes/Centers and serves as the largest public funder of biomedical research in the world. The NIH is also UT Health SA’s most prolific external sponsor. 
    • Department of Defense: Congressionally-Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP): DOD is comprised of a variety of agencies, many of which are actively funding health-related research and initiatives. The majority of DOD funding to UT Health SA comes from the CDMRP. Visit the UT Health SA Military Health Institute website for more information on DOD funding and partnerships. 
    • National Science Foundation (NSF): Guide to Programs (Browse Funding Opps): NSF funds approximately one-quarter of all federally supported basic research conducted by America’s colleges and universities. Visit NSF at a Glance to learn more. 
    • Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA): Guide to Grants: HRSA is the primary federal agency for improving public health via access to healthcare services for underserved populations, a skilled workforce and innovative programs. Learn more About HRSA.
    • The Foundation Center: Available resources include a searchable database of funding opportunities available from nonprofit/foundation sponsors.
    • Philanthropy News Digest: A subscription-based service available from The Foundation Center. Establish a profile and personalize your search criteria to receive automated email notifications of relevant upcoming funding opportunities.
    • UT Health SA Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA): Investigators seeking funds from foundation sponsors should discuss plans with the OIA prior to submission. Many foundations will only consider limited requests from the university and projects must sometimes be prioritized. Contact OIA or your assigned OSP reviewer for further guidance.
    • Proposal Development: OSP & OIA: When seeking funding from certain foundation sponsors, it is important to involve both the Office of Sponsored Programs and the Office of Institutional Advancement. This explanatory document outlines such “special case” submissions and the internal procedures to follow.

  • Institutional Grant Programs

    At any given time, many internal departments/centers may be offering Institutional Grants for UT Health San Antonio faculty and staff.
    Following are links to those department websites that regularly post available opportunities. Click on the links below to find out how to apply for these grants through the UT Health San Antonio department offering them.

    Please Note: Proposals for these programs do not require an Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) review prior to submission. Proposals for these programs should be submitted directly to the departmental office offering the grant. Unless otherwise stated in the individual funding opportunity instructions, any stated funding limitations under these programs apply to direct costs only. F&A (indirect) costs are generally prohibited on grants awarded under these programs, and budget submissions should not include F&A unless explicitly stated in the application instructions. A complete copy of the proposal submission and COP will be required by OSP if an award is made.

    San Antonio Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging

    San Antonio Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center

    Institute for Integration of Medicine & Science (IIMS)

    Long School of Medicine

    Mays Cancer Center 
      *Please direct questions regarding programs to the Cancer Center office.


    If you are aware of additional internal grant opportunities, please send us an email to let us know, so they can be added to this page.

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH): Quick Links
  • Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) Grants

    Important Information

    The UT Health San Antonio’s Mays Cancer Center announces open CPRIT (Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas) funding opportunities, coordinates review/approval for letters of intent (LOIs) if applicable, and oversees the internal selection process for limited submission opportunities.  It is not necessary to be a Mays Cancer Center member or to be currently engaged in cancer research to apply for CPRIT funds. CPRIT funding is available to any qualified individual. Although it is not necessary for proposed work to fit into one of the three existing Mays Cancer Center P30 programs, please refer to the Mays Cancer Center website for identification of the three programs (CDP, EDT, PSP), their areas of focus, and their program co-leaders.

    Interested applicants should notify the OSP Pre-Award team of their intent to apply for CPRIT opportunities via email to OSP provides additional instruction to investigators in advance, to assist in navigating the CPRIT application process.

    All CPRIT Funding Opportunities can be viewed on CPRIT’s website.

    Special Notes to CPRIT Applicants

    OSP strongly recommends careful consideration of all project needs when preparing budgets for CPRIT submissions, and particularly with regard to equipment items and other large purchases. Once an award has been issued, CPRIT reviews all grant purchases carefully and is likely to disallow any expenses that were not either included in the original proposal or approved by CPRIT prior to purchasing.

    While this holds true with all grants, CPRIT is rather unforgiving on such matters regardless of the specific circumstances. Therefore, as a general rule, if you think you might need it, OSP’s advice is to go ahead and budget for it.

    For the majority of CPRIT grants, Texas law requires that, prior to disbursement of CPRIT grant funds, the award recipient must demonstrate that it has an amount of funds equal to one-half of the CPRIT funding dedicated to the research that is the subject of the award (consult CPRIT’s Administrative Rules, Chapter 703, Section 703.11, for specific requirements regarding demonstration of available funding).  Effective 09/01/21, the university’s unrecovered indirect costs will satisfy all CPRIT match requirements.

    Contact information

    The Mays Cancer Center is the primary source of contact for all CPRIT-related inquiries, and the primary source for all announcements and information. All successful pre-applicants will submit proposals to CPRIT through the Office of Sponsored Programs as for any other grant submission. Please direct questions to the Mays Cancer Center office via Lori Moctezuma at 450-1140 or